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by Sarah J. posted Nov 30 2016 10:18AM
So this morning I received an e-mail from one of our HOT 99.7 listeners Ida that I wanted to share with everyone!

Hello my names Ida Atkins, and my senior project is raising money to send to north Dakota for the protesters protecting the land so that a pipeline doesn't be built through their reservation and go under a river there in north Dakota. Its a very big deal this pipeline doesn't be built. Pipelines like this one are more then likely to burst and have an oil spill and ruin the environment. Also with this pipeline being built the government is breaking treaties that they have with the standing rock tribe. I am having a "Honor the water march" to bring awareness to the valley of whats going on. At 830 here at tribal school we will have an assembly and prayer then march to the RV park that will also be here in Toppenish. Then we will have a Indian taco sale that includes a  cake and pop for 7$ a plate. The money raised will be sent to the campers that are protesting the pipeline and protecting it. In hopes that they will have the supplies that they need and might make it a bit easier for them to get through the cold winter. I just hope i can get everyone i can to be there as it is very important to me being a native american and to my project. Thank you for your support and anyway you can help. It is greatly appreciated on behalf of the Yakama Nation Tribe and school

by Sarah J. posted Nov 29 2016 11:15AM
Earlier today I received a private message from our HOT 99.7 Yakima Facebook Page regarding Mayra, a long time listener of HOT who was reaching out for help. Mayra suffers from B.S.S.O, a functional deformality she has had since birth. This is not about a cosmetic fix, this would help with getting rid of the discomfort of biting or even chewing food, her lisp and as she gets older these systems are said to get worse! If you can find it in your heart on this #givingtuesday to help with the expense, even if it's a share on your facebook page or with a friend we can assist Mayra with her goal and bring back some of that confidence she lacks!! FYI Mayra you are beautiful!! :)

CLICK HERE for more information including Mayra's gofund me page

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by Sarah J. posted Nov 28 2016 8:29AM
There is a price to fame and Lady Gaga is in the middle of it right now. 

CLICK HERE for the full story
by Sarah J. posted Nov 28 2016 7:48AM
Oh my goodness!! Young love is so sweet, especially if you have a sweetheart who is willing to go the extra mile....like stealing his Mother's engagement ring!! ahhh!!

CLICK HERE to watch the adorable story in full :) 
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by Sarah J. posted Nov 22 2016 12:00PM
These days, Ashton Kutcher has a place to call home with his famous wife Mila Kunisand their daughter. However, a few years ago, that wasn't quite the case.   

Get the fiull story here!  http://www.eonline.com/news/811211/ashton-kutcher-reveals-surprising-detail-about-his-life-after-divorce-from-demi-moore
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