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by Sarah J. posted Feb 17 2017 7:55AM
First dates can go a little sideways fast....I mean you don't know this person...ANYTHING could happen....but this....

Hahaha imagine getting THIS text in the middle of your meal CLICK HERE
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by Sarah J. posted Feb 17 2017 7:34AM
Woohoo!!! The Central Washington Sportsman Show is finally here!! We can start dreaming about fishing, hunting, camping and more!! :) Warmer weather is on it's way! :)

They have some very exciting features; a wildlife exhibit, fishing and more!

Win prizes and have a great time all weekend long at the 28th annual Central Washington Sportsmen Show
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by Sarah J. posted Feb 17 2017 6:33AM
This is the last of the original peices so if you have them, hold on tight because say goodbye to the thimble!!! There is voting going on right now to choose the new piece, the winner will be announced March 19th and if you'd like to see the choices CLICK HERE
by Sarah J. posted Feb 16 2017 9:01AM
YES!! James Corden's Carpool Karaoke is being turned into a series and there are A LOT of stars!!

CLICK HERE to watch the promo and more
by Sarah J. posted Feb 15 2017 9:45AM
Guitar legend Carlos Santana says negative comments he was quoted as making about Beyoncé were "regretfully taken out of context."

Read his latest post here! http://www.eonline.com/news/829675/carlos-santana-clarifies-remarks-about-beyonce-not-being-a-singer
by Sarah J. posted Feb 15 2017 8:59AM
Ladies love a romantic gesture and this guy took full advantage of he and girlfriends talk of travel to give her the suprise of her life!!!!

CLICK HERE for the full story
by Sarah J. posted Feb 13 2017 9:35AM
Derek Jeter and Hannah Jeter are about to hit parenthood out of the park.

Get the scoop here! http://www.eonline.com/news/828328/hannah-jeter-is-pregnant-model-expecting-baby-girl-with-derek-jeter
by Sarah J. posted Feb 13 2017 9:30AM
The 59th Annual Grammy Awards were filled with show-stopping moments, but they also had their fair share of moments that caused us to slightly panic.

Get the highlights here! http://www.eonline.com/news/829035/tipped-chairs-epic-falls-and-more-all-the-2017-grammy-moments-that-made-us-nervous
by Sarah J. posted Feb 13 2017 6:46AM
Jennifer was JUST trying to inform the locals about the weather outside when THIS snuck up behind her live on TV! haha CLICK HERE to see the video
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by Sarah J. posted Feb 8 2017 9:39AM
Never one to let bullies win, Gaga shared a message of body positivity via Instagram Tuesday.

Read it here! http://www.eonline.com/news/827548/lady-gaga-on-super-bowl-criticism-i-m-proud-of-my-body
by Sarah J. posted Feb 8 2017 9:37AM
After 3 months of dating Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston is finally speaking up.

Get it right here! http://www.eonline.com/news/827073/tom-hiddleston-defends-taylor-swift-and-that-i-t-s-tank-top
by Sarah J. posted Feb 8 2017 7:04AM
Tony is a composer and pianist studying in Boston who decided to do a cover of The Chainsmokers latest hit Paris. It travelled around the internet enough that The Chainsmokers actually shared it on their own page! They were so impressed with his cover and another that he had composed they ask him TO GO ON TOUR with them!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh! :) That's the dream right there right!? :)

CLICK HERE for the full story and to listen to Tony
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by Sarah J. posted Feb 8 2017 6:13AM
Good Morning Valley!!

Need a heads-up on what is happening with your school due to weather this morning?

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by Sarah J. posted Feb 7 2017 8:02AM
Awww man!!! Time to pull out the Campfire Feast coupon for one last trip to Black Angus!! :( Not that I went that much but it was for sure on the datenight list and there are many memories there. I mean come one that warm bread with butter before your dinner comes alone is enough to make you want to come back!!

I would love to hear your memories, favorite meal to order.....I have really good memories of going their with my Grama before she passed away!

The Black Angus in Yakima will be closing it's doors on February 27th CLICK HERE for all the details
by Sarah J. posted Feb 7 2017 6:14AM
I should know by now there is probably know there is a record to be broken for every single thing you could think of and of course the largest 7 layer dip would be included.

Weighing in at 570 pounds it needed to be assembled in a giant fish tank!! He broke the record and even donated the dip to the homeless so it was a win for everyone!!!

CLICK HERE to see the massive creation!!
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by Sarah J. posted Feb 6 2017 10:12AM
Celebrity sports fans were busy trash talking each other on social media.

Catch it all here! http://www.eonline.com/news/826973/celebrities-couldn-t-help-but-trash-talk-each-other-during-the-super-bowl
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by Sarah J. posted Feb 6 2017 10:10AM
The Modern Family star realized she accidentally forgot Ellen DeGeneres' birthday on January 26, so when she visited The Ellen Show Monday, she had to think quick on her feet to make it up to her.

Watch it here! http://www.eonline.com/news/827018/sofia-vergara-wraps-ellen-degeneres-belated-birthday-gift-in-her-boobs
by Sarah J. posted Feb 6 2017 10:08AM
Comedienne Roseanne Barr, 64, took to Twitter during the 2017 Super Bowl to share her shock and awe about the halftime performer.

Read the tweet here!http://www.eonline.com/news/827045/roseanne-barr-learned-who-lady-gaga-is-thanks-to-the-2017-super-bowl
by Sarah J. posted Feb 6 2017 8:34AM
Slicing into this green pepper would have been pretty incredible!!!! Making me all happy :) :)

by Sarah J. posted Feb 6 2017 7:25AM
Every year I wait patiently for The Big Game commercials and there were some really good ones this year highlights to see the big winners......CLICK HERE

Honorable mentions Cam Newton destroying little children

The Superbowl party thrown at The US Military Base in Poland that played right after the game was a tear jerker

by Sarah J. posted Feb 3 2017 7:50AM
OMG!! I am losing it over here!! :) CLICK HERE
by Sarah J. posted Feb 1 2017 9:55AM

Time to drop a beat, Prince Harry.

The 32-year-old royal watched with a smile Wednesday as he spent some time with young students enrolled in rap lessons at Nottingham Academy.

Get the details here! http://www.eonline.com/news/826058/prince-harry-sits-in-on-a-rap-class-with-elementary-school-kids

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by Sarah J. posted Feb 1 2017 8:47AM
Oh sweet Lord! Have you seen the movie Beetlejuice!? This poor basketball player was working his skills real hard until this happend!!

by Sarah J. posted Feb 1 2017 7:52AM
Ahhhh!!!! What do you think!? CLICK HERE