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by Sarah J. posted Mar 23 2017 8:59AM
For the huge Adele fan in your life this could be the perfect present.......just don't pop it!! ;)

CLICK HERE if you want a shot at owning air from Adele
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by Sarah J. posted Mar 22 2017 9:39AM
Photos of a British girl went viral Tuesday because of how much she looks like the Ed Sheran.

Get the photo here! http://www.eonline.com/news/837840/mother-of-ed-sheeran-look-alike-baby-reacts-to-daughter-going-viral
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by Sarah J. posted Mar 21 2017 8:07AM
A huge congratulations goes to Nicki Minaj!! She has just dethroned Aretha Franklin as the female artist with the MOST Billboard Hot 100 records of all time!! :) Aretha has held the record since 1977 with 73 songs and 40 years later Nicki has broken it with 76!!! What a huge accomplishment and I am sure she is not even close to being done :)

CLICK HERE for the full story
by Sarah J. posted Mar 21 2017 6:17AM
Chappelle is back!!!! It's been a long time and if you have been wondering where the talented comedian has been CLICK HERE
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by Sarah J. posted Mar 21 2017 5:57AM
Tupac is SUCH a talented artist, even after his passing his music lives on grabbing new fans along the way. One of his biggest hits is the song dedicated to his Mother, Afeni Shakur, "Dear Mama" and somehow after all this time his 1995 handwritten lyrics for the song are up for grabs. Man if only I had $75,000 laying around :) CLICK here for the full story and for sure check-out momentsintime.com, this is the sight where the pages are being sold for $25,000 a piece. There is ALL kinds of things for sale on this sight, very cool.

Here is a live version of the late and great TUPAC Shakur's "Dear Mama"
by Sarah J. posted Mar 20 2017 7:21AM
Alright first day of Spring, more sunshine....FINALLY it's going to get warmer! :) I was curious if there is anything you do each year to jump into Spring! I found a list of traditions CLICK HERE if you want to do something different this year or maybe you are already on the list!!!
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by Sarah J. posted Mar 15 2017 7:00AM
So it's the age old question, how close is too close when it comes to your partner and your friends!? On International Woman's Day Russell Wilson was talking about all the wonderful things that woman do for him when he did something that is now being refferred to as LAPGATE.. He asked his wife Ciara's best friend to sit on his lap! To some no big deal to others someone is going home in a body bag. All drama aside Russell is a loving husband and I don't think it was meant in any other way than maybe there was no seat? he was doing a live video and they are all friends......but if I came walking in and saw my best friend on my husbands lap I wouldn't be happy! Side Note: I think it's kind of funny on International Woman's Day you say come on over here and sit on my lap.......

CLICK HERE to see all the photos and you let us know, would you be ok with partner doing this?
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by Sarah J. posted Mar 15 2017 6:10AM
It takes a big person to admit they have a problem and an even stronger person to enter, complete and then openly speak on their addiction. Ben Affleck is that kind of guy. Wanting to show his kids there is no shame in getting help CLICK HERE for the full story
by Sarah J. posted Mar 13 2017 6:52AM
Hahahaha can you imagine trying to be aware of your surroundings as your snowboarding down the mountain and then seeing THIS running at full speed by you!? Hahaha

CLICK HERE for the full story including video
by Sarah J. posted Mar 10 2017 9:43AM
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by Sarah J. posted Mar 10 2017 9:40AM
All the Hits Tourwith very special guest, Mariah Carey, the tour has been rescheduled for this summer starting July 21," Lionel Richie said in a statement Friday.

Get the info here! http://www.eonline.com/news/831802/lionel-richie-postpones-tour-with-mariah-carey
by Sarah J. posted Mar 6 2017 10:02AM
Nick Cannon introduced Moroccan Cannon and Monroe Cannon, his twins he shares with ex-wife Mariah Carey, to his newborn son, whom she shares with Brittany Bell.

Get the first exclusive pics here! http://www.eonline.com/news/834040/nick-cannon-and-mariah-carey-s-twins-monroe-and-moroccan-meet-their-new-baby-brother-golden
by Sarah J. posted Mar 2 2017 10:54AM
The 48-year-old actor, revealed his newest ailment three weeks ago on Instagram, alongside a pic of him with a bandage on his nose.

Get the full scoop right here! http://www.eonline.com/news/833294/hugh-jackman-gives-skin-cancer-update-and-sound-advice-to-all-of-us
by Sarah J. posted Mar 2 2017 10:52AM
"Getting the call, I don't think you hesitate. I didn't," she told E!

Get the scoop right here! http://www.eonline.com/news/833348/simone-biles-didn-t-hesitate-at-a-second-chance-to-join-dancing-with-the-stars
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by Sarah J. posted Mar 2 2017 8:00AM
The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon has SO many funny staples and Music Generator hit a new level when Alicia Keys was on the other night!!!

Alicia has to sing like Gwen Stefani, then Adele taking on The Alphabet Song, later on it was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the style of Janis Joplin and she rocked them all like she was putting on a concert!! :)

by Sarah J. posted Mar 2 2017 6:41AM
Oh man that's what I like to see! This Great Grandmother is ringing in her 100th birthday with dance moves that could rival the Grandchildren!! :) Her song choice.....Bruno Mars 24k Magic!!

CLICK HERE to see the sweet moves!! :)
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by Sarah J. posted Mar 1 2017 10:08AM
Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are proof that a song's message still rings true.

Get the inside scoop on Ariana Grande's love for Mac Miller. http://www.eonline.com/news/832957/ariana-grande-loved-mac-miller-long-before-they-dated

by Sarah J. posted Mar 1 2017 10:02AM
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People : Emma Watson
by Sarah J. posted Mar 1 2017 6:58AM
Dang!!!! Working out and eating right are good for everyone but when it comes to genetics there's just some things you can't get away from!

CLICK HERE for the full story
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People : Bob Harper
by Sarah J. posted Mar 1 2017 6:48AM
In this day and age taking a selfie is like second nature - point, shoot, check to find the cutests one to post...however when this teen when too check her pics she noticed THIS in the background!!

CLICK HERE to find out what it was